You don’t have to be old or male to write or read stuff at OldManBlues. It was just one of those names which hadn’t been taken and which seemed to say something about the site.

We are mainly about music but also it’s a space to share musings about other topic areas.

There are just a few rules about the content of oldmanblues.

80%+ about music. Any music really but more emphasis on the undiscovered or the forgotten.

Keep it positive. If you don’t like someone’s music, well someone else will and at grass roots level, folk are baring their souls for a few pennies. Let’s encourage the creative artist within. Unless you just have a few light and constructive grumbles in a piece then this is not the place for you.

No discriminatory comment or hating. Let us know if you spot something questionable we will take a look.

No stolen content please. Original thought only.

Should the site ever turn a profit, money will be divided amongst contributors according to number of hits achieved. Yeah like that’s ever going to happen.

If you want to think about contributing then contact me Tiggerligger by message either on Insta or Twit….

Comments constructive or gushing most welcome too…

Chris R