Old Man Blues – Introduction

Welcome to my new website Old Man Blues.

Obviously time will tell us how the site develops but the basic idea is to share a collection of rambles, reflections and experiences suitable for over 40’s. Being older doesn’t mean we can’t experience new things or explore life.

As the title of the website suggests, the authors are older slightly morose and jaded people into music.

It’s slightly ironic for this particular author to have a website as one of my regular grumbles is around how everyone imagines they are “special” these days, and their voice is worth hearing and something of value and great social import is being imparted.  This grand perception of self image, self importance and individuality will eventually end the world.

Still, if you can’t beat em, join em I guess. Let’s see how this journey unfolds eh?

Chris R

  • Photo of band Dog is Dead in Manchester 2012

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