Van Houten release single Moon before new album in September

While I’m happy to be surrounded by chaos and noise in my ears, sometimes I can really appreciate a quieter vibe. Last weekend, for example, while my missus was ripping up the real ale bars of York, I was sat happily in the garden with a few cans, a couple of cats and the cool and controlled strains of Leeds band Van Houten in my ears.

New track, Moon, has a deliciously uplifting sense about it but in a rather lazy shoegazing kind of way. I got a vibe for the time we were lazing down the Dordogne River in France in a canoe at one with the flow, while transfixed by the busy darting Kingfishers catching river insects and small fish for their chicks. I think the style of Van Houten manages to capture peace and sanctuary while opening a window to a busier world.

The song itself has a mellow backing perfectly suited to lead vocalist Louis Sadler and his calm relaxed vocal. While the song is about not quite connecting to a loved one, the overall tone of the 5 piece is of relaxed resignation and a sense of that’s how life is, get over it.

I’m guessing Van Houten may be named after mass murdering maniac Charles Manson sidekick Leslie Van Houten. It works for Kasabian so why not?

Van Houten release their debut album on 13 September. I guessed incorrectly that their burst of imagination was exhausted by the music production as the album is simply called Van Houten, but it is more to do with that Gomez producer Martin Smith helped produce the sound of Van Houten the band always had in their heads.

As a vinyl head I am more than excited to have purchased the limited edition (100 copies) on yellow. If you are quick you might get on it.

Van Houten next play at the This Must Be The Place in Leeds Headrow House/ Belgrave Music Hall over the August Bank Holiday with Van Houten playing on the Saturday.

Chris R


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