Alpaca Factory get bigger with new release The Bigger You Are

I always enjoy listening to artists that have just started on their path; not least they are bouncier and less sweaty with baggage compared against those who have been travelling a while. Thus I was truly pleased when Chesterfield teens Alpaca Factory dropped me a couple of tasty tracks to listen to and due to be released just before Christmas.

Lead song, The Bigger You Are offers a bright new aspect to the band. Previous released track They Say The Devil Wears Prada clearly feels influenced by the Arctic Monkeys (not a criticism) and boasted a clever lyric. The Bigger You Are has successfully retained the band’s confident swagger but the song sports a new lusher, more confident sound. I like that the band make you wait towards a fifth of the way into the song before the vocals commence. When they arrive, those vocals make more of Tom Gannon’s full throtle chorus voice, with its urging, spiky intensity. Anyone who reminds this reviewer of Matt Schultz and Cage The Elephant is going to get a banging review.

Given the artful lyrics of previous songs Devil, and the temporary withdrawn Breathalysed (which is going to be recrafted) the words in The Bigger You Are are perhaps striped back a little. This allows more of the music to speak, and it moves Alpaca Factory up a notch. The lyrics retain an interesting message; around someone who appears cool and confident, but is in fact quite hesitant and who doesn’t know if they want a relationship).

Alpaca Factory (Rebecca Church (Drums), Tom Gannon (Guitar and Vocals), James Vardy (Guitar) and Jonathan Vardy (bass) have been playing together for a scant year. It’s clear they have more growth to come being such a young, fresh and new band.

Alpaca Factory have deployed the variously mysterious, mad, funny, silly Red Man to promote their tunes; I always enjoy seeing some creativity to come through rather than see a band kick back and just hope they grab people’s attention. It’s a crowded market out there and the very classy artwork for the single, which rather reminds me of a classic 1930’s book cover, reinforces that red man logo. If they ever need a plump red man to do some marketing, they can let me know. I probably don’t even need an outfit.

Alpaca Factory have a couple of shows coming up. In February (the 4th to be exact) they will be playing Sheffield Cafe Totem alongside Animal House and The Levis, but most important if you need a banging Friday before Christmas in Sheffield at Couch Campo Lane, our guys and gal are doing a single launch gig with The Rooves. Check out social media for details.

Chris R

* Images provided by Alpaca Factory or available on their social media output.


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