Andrew Cushin releases new single It’s Gonna Get Better

Geordie guitarist and singer songwriter Andrew Cushin’s debut single “It’s Gonna Get Better” showcases a snippet of his gleaming potential which the solo artist has to offer.

Capturing the hearts of many during his emergence in 2019 from performing in sweaty pubs and performing Oasis covers which highlighted his immense vocal range and heartfelt tone. He continued on to support bands such as Bang Bang Romeo during their Star Crossed Species Tour of 2019 as well as touring individually in the meanwhile. It was at this time where his songwriting talent came to light.

The songs title itself conveys the message that despite times when you feel “low” and “weak” there’s hope and optimism with the reassurance that “it’s gonna get better.” This is emphasised by the ironic yet genius contrast between the somber lyrics and upbeat guitar melody. The song feels like an arm around the shoulder of reassurance, as if the guitars melody is one of comfort; as Andrew would say: “my only friend is here, it’s built with strings and listening ears”.

The music video itself relives the passions and interests of Andrew himself pinpointing the setting of his video in the heart of his hometown on Tyne side. The video explores Andrew’s interests and what comprises him as a person. Consistently showing him playing the guitar, however also showing his more personal life with the input of throwing arrows in his local pub; one of Andrews hobby’s. Additionally the music video shows a glimpse of a Newcastle United match day which fits in with the exploration of Andrews interests. It’s no secret that Cushin’s a lifelong Mags fan and this is pictured during a brief Bitesize experience of match day at St James Park. As well as showing the interests of Andrew the video also showcases the beauty’s of the city of Newcastle.

The track is released as part of a two track release, with the song “Waiting For The Rain” yet to be released.

Andrew has a promising future ahead of him, with his latest single being played on BBC X Radio, his music is getting recognised elsewhere as well. He’s lined up for a number of prestigious and renowned music festivals which include the “This Is Tommorow” festival in Newcastle and the “Hit the North festival” along with the “victorious” festival among many others.

Mitchell Waller


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