Full Colour Band Interview: Talking Music and Style with Conrad and Will

It seems a long time since I chanced upon Full Colour playing support to Spinn at the mighty Huddersfield Parish. Although it was only last spring, these days the Full Colour men are deservedly and rapidly moving up the support slot times and playing bigger venues. Full Colour have one song out currently, Miles Apart, the rest of the EP has been sadly withdrawn by their new record label

I thought I’d meet up with the fellows before the gig at the end of Feb 2020, for a chat about all things Full Colour. Guitarist Will, and lead singer Conrad sat down with me at a picnic table outside Leeds Brudenell; each of us with a glass of something potent to try and keep the frost at bay. Conrad was noticably on the red wine, as the carbonated drinks affect his vocals before the gig.

Their years may be tender but it was clear these guys have learnt so much over the past year.

I’ve noticed from your Instagram feed you have been in and out of the recording studios a lot. Does it feel different this time?

W: The first EP (Miles Apart) took a while and was recorded over a period of about 6 months. It was a good experience and we did as much as we could afford essentially.

This time, we have had a lot more studio time and a lot more experience in terms of the people around us; writers, producers, technicians.

C: We also really knew what we wanted to sound like this time, and there have been the extra facilities and time to really make it work. With the new recordings, it sounds much more like us and what we want to sound like.

Alex and Will – shots.by.tom

With all that experience and advice available to you, how did you all agree on the final sound? Is it difficult?

C: If you get the right producer then I don’t think it’s difficult at all. If you get on well then it’s going to sound like you both want it to sound.

You’ve got to find a balance as well between what everyone likes. For example, maybe Dillon might want a slightly different mix of the drums, whereas I might want a slightly different mix of the vocals. You have to take account of what everyone thinks and find the right mix for everyone.

Conrad, Will and Henry shots.by.tom

Your first EP Miles Apart had songs which explored different stages of a relationship. The new songs, do they have a common theme or thread?

C: The new songs are about a few different things actually. With some songs, I kind of still wrote about the relationship aspect of it, but less about the distance but more about the aftermath of a relationship.

There’s also a song about moving away from home, a song about my best friend, and there’s a few different songs which aren’t about relationships.

W: In total, we have done 26 new songs now. They aren’t necessarily fully recorded and ready to go; some are ideas and demos.

C: We keep adding to it as well. The best thing to do is not to stop if the songs are still coming. It’s like a dodgy tap and I’ve heard other say it’s like you can’t turn it off. If you do, it might not come back.

W: We have found as well that when you have found the right people to make music with it might come out faster than you think. You might have a session of 3 days and expect one song and you might get three out of it. It also doesn’t feel rushed it can feel good. It’s really important to work with the right people that you just click with.

Conrad shots.by.tom

I know everyone is asking… when can we expect to hear the new songs?

C: If I say “soon” is that too vague? If I say the next few months? Fingers crossed.

We are still working out the format but we are hoping to release a few separate tracks.

The first new Full Colour single of 2020 Times Change is reviewed here.

Which tracks are you most pleased with?

C: In our set tonight there are 4 unreleased songs, and I’m really pleased with a song Flatline. It’s a grower.

W: I wasn’t a fan of this track at all at first but we have a whole new backing track system and it really gives the song lots of energy.

The new system has really brought the songs to life a bit. There’s a lot of patterns in the song and they really are in your face fast. People want the bangers. We are also playing a lot tighter now.

I wanted to ask you about image and style given music is only a small part of the industry you are in, and whether that has changed over the past year.

C: I think you can expect a lot more leather jackets!

W: We always liked our clothes and cared about how we dressed but we never made much of a fuss about it but recently we have really got into it with being styled and stuff. You never think you are going to like it but then you are wearing clothes you have never worn before. It brings a whole new aspect to it.

C: It’s not all about the music, there’s fashion and image.

Will and Henry shots.by.tom

Do you think you might bring out fashion items one day?

C: There is some merch tonight, but it’s very early doors. Bringing out a range would be really cool. I’m sure we will think about it at some point but we’ve got t-shirts and that will do for the time being!

Do you have any spare Gauranga (Full Colour’s former name) T-shirts anywhere?

C: We’ve got loads; about 50 in the attic. We made them fairly cheaply so we didn’t lose loads of money when we changed the band name.

They were cheaply made and you can definitely tell. One wash and it’s off. Well three washes. No one has asked for their money back thankfully!

I wanted to ask you about your thoughts on playing further up the line up and at bigger venues. Does that feel different?

C: I think you just have to keep it in your head that you are just playing a set, and that it’s as if you are playing to 150 people.

W: I think more than the size of the gig, it’s about the interaction. It’s like you can play a tiny gig and have the interaction of a lifetime. If you play a massive gig and everyone is just stood there, then it’s just not the same and you enjoy the little gig much more.

C: Yes it really does depend on the audience. You can have a great night one night and a really sh1t one later on. The capacity of the venue doesn’t really matter, you just have to focus on the performance and nail it.

Alex, Will and Dillon shots.by.Tom

Do you have any music tips, who have you been listening to in the tour van?

C: I’m really into Seagirls at the moment.

W: We have been living to Easy Life in the van. Vistas and the new Blossoms album. The Blossom album is really good. Everyone has heard of Blossoms but the album is really good. Larkins are great too.

It’s come all too soon, but it’s time for my final killer question which can reveal so much about a band and how they work together.

You get invited as a band to appear on Sunday Brunch on TV and are asked to prepare a signature dish. What’s cooking and who’s cooking it?

C: I think Dillon might be the best cook you know?

W: I think Alex because he talks about cooking weird creations and concoctions of food. I would be awful.

C: I would be very average.

W: I think Alex would make a freshly made pizza with really weird ingredients and a very strange concoction, but it will end up tasting nice. Somehow he would make it work. So Alex will be doing the cooking.

Full Colour are just finishing off their live stint in support to Love, Fame and Tragedy. They are then supporting The Night Cafe on some of their tour and also playing Live at Leeds, Sound City Liverpool and Tramlines early this summer.

Full Colour are a band that will explode everywhere when the new tracks are released, and if you haven’t seen these guys live yet, look out for them now.

Chris R

The absolutely amazing photos are from Full Colour’s social media and taken by one of the most stunning gig photographers I’ve ever seen Shots by Tom


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