Red Shakes releases new single Your Love Today

Let’s face it, the spring of 2020 hasn’t quite turned out how any of us anticipated. However, while we may not exactly be yomping around the park with our mates in the sun with a crafty little 4 pack swinging from our fingers, the warmer weather and the sunshine is nevertheless changing moods. We just gotta chill in the lockdown and I promise we will look back one day and fondly remember the enforced simplicity.

Hitting this brighter outlook with stylish timing, Red Shakes (the non de plume of Sam Da Silva) has a banging new single, Your Love Today, released to really pick up the mood. If there was ever a spring for a song full of slap and sunshine like this then 2020 is it.

Your Love Today has a real bright but retro feel to it. The song’s opening shows its intent to lighten the mood; a chirpy little “Do-do do do do do-do do….”. Of course, the track veers more towards the George Ezra poppy style of easy on the ear, good quality listening vibes rather than try to be anything profound and heavy. I know Red Shakes totally rates Ten Tonnes another feel-good poppy solo artist (and of course brother of George Ezra) and I get this vibe too. That bouncing opening series of do do do do do tells us all we need to think about, sitting in the garden relaxing with a glass of something that makes you happy.

The song is a reminisce of a sweet fun evening with a girl, and a want to do it all again. There’s some cute lyrics in here:

Sitting at the station, we had a good brief flirtation. Distance between us; being kept apart by transportation”

This is Red Shakes second single and there’s a nice chirpy confidence in the track, and a subtle biting edge on the guitars which forge ahead with a lively beat.

The song was recorded at Gus Turner’s Gafro Studios in Halifax where recent bangers from Full Colour and Geezas have also been birthed. There’s a real quality to the tunes recorded here, as this track and Red Shakes first release, the indie banger Not The Same Anymore also attest.

These Red Shakes songs are made to be performed live, and Sam is no stranger to the stage (having played with his previous band Railroad). It’s a true shame Sam and his band can’t currently enjoy the release of the new single in the best way possible, but it will be well worth the wait catching this absolute tune live later on in the year.

Chris R

* All images have been taken from Red Shakes’ social media.


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