Millie Milner’s fragile new single Troubled Mind

Sometimes situations mean songs take on an entirely new meaning. In the midst of covid19, it would be a shallow soul that hadn’t had at least a period of deep anxiety, be it over exams, the future, money, over a loved one or missing someone or a cherished activity. Millie Milner’s delicate new single Troubled Mind was written with her partner in mind and how she sometimes comforts her. As it happens with the fate of timing, Millie is just perhaps soothing the world.

When Millie Milner sent me over a copy of her demo of Troubled Mind, I was immediately in love with the track. Milner’s voice is soft and yet strong and in control. It’s perfectly pitched for the subject matter of the song.

The music has a nice 60’s folkish tinge to it. I’m picturing a 60’s Marianne Faithful singing Troubled Mind to Mick Jagger; she is bare foot, in a cheesecloth dress; flowers in her hair. Perhaps it’s Nico working with the Velvet Underground, making her infamous pots of spicy inedible hot vegan rice, telling Lou Reed she has an idea for a track that isn’t quite working. Yes, the vibe of this track is that cool.

Millie Milner is fast building up and developing a serious body of work. Her works explore emotions and how to consider situations and the world. From the hard punkish energy as part of the recently demised One Man Population to the wild and varied demos and performances shared on social media, and her most recent folk-pop 60’s tinged tunes as a solo artist, Millie clearly enjoys stretching and testing her skills and talent.

Millie Milner is a serious artist worth watching out for. I can’t wait to find out what she gets up to next.

Chris R


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