Vistas new album: Everything Changes in the End

Vistas new album Everything Changes In The End has a whole series of uplifting and upbeat bangers on it, and it’s a perfect foil for a 2020 which so far feels more than a bit flat and scarily unpredictable. The Scottish Vistas lads (Prentice Robertson, Dylan Rush and Jamie Law) have just missed out on a top 20 slot in the UK charts (so far) and I’m hoping this is one of those albums that just grows and grows in our collective hearts. It certainly deserves to.

Everything Changes In The End has a perfect mix of well loved but recently released bangers such as Teenage Blues (from November 19), The Love You Give (from February) and 15 Years (from March), but where the newer tracks are just as vital. Songs like a revitalised Tigerblood and Shout fit into the Vistas roster perfectly and there truly is no filler on this album. The guys explain they have played together in music one way or another since they were 15 or 16, and so the joy and exuberance of producing their debut LP (in Liverpool Parr Street and mainly in Ramsgate in Kent) shines through each track.

If I were to choose one favourite track, I think I’ll go for the spiky Sentimental. It has that nice balance of reflective verse and then the killer chorus. I think it’s that wonderful “Alternative Ulster” vibe on that mean guitar line that just kills me. Like much of the album, the song describes relationship and connection. The band video of the album confirms Sentimental is about being away on tour and how you must leave home relationships behind for a time.

A play of this baby leaves this particular old feller feeling pretty breathless. It’s not because for the last 12 weeks in lockdown all I’ve done is drink Beavertown beer and eat chocolate (no lie) but because it’s pretty bloody epic. Even the title of the album hits a chord with me; a personal mantra since my preteen years has been the George Harrison Krishna inspired “All Things Must Pass”.

When I first scanned the Everything Changes In The End album, the band McFly came to mind with that natural feel for catchy, totally accessible, alternative pop. I’m a huge admirer of McFly as they made it appear that popping out popular bangers was an easy task, and they have achieved a long career and a place in the hearts of a generation that most bands would only dream of. I can really see Vistas having an equally long run with tunes like these.

Live Vistas are the real deal too; there are plenty of upbeat singalong choruses, a massive massive sound while choon follows banger throughout their set. I’m honoured to have caught the lads at a 160 capacity venue (my second home, The Parish, in Huddersfield), at the end of last year. I’m sure it will be the bigger venues for these guys from now on and I’ll have to either fight my way or feign illness and/or injury to get to the front. Needs must.

There’s nothing like bonding and feeling like one of the choir, surrounded by like minded souls all joining in on those numerous singalong bits. This is what Vistas live feels like.

We all have to look to those future days where we can again rub shoulders in dark, dank caverns and yell our hearts out in unison as one. Vistas will be one such band to bring us back together.

Chris R

  • Images taken from the band’s social media


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