Geezas: Everything’s Alright

Halifax 4 piece Geezas have come up something beautifully delicate and current for their latest single release Everything’s Alright. In the near dark there is the sense of the fields, the hills, the trees, the sky meshing and melding together. This is the feeling I get for the ideas, lyrics, voice and instrumentation for this delicious Geezas track.

Geezas Everything’s Alright has a reassuring theme about opening up to people you’re close with, to talk about how you’re struggling, and them supporting you and that everything will be fine. Always reflect that you would freely support a mate; so why does it always feel hard to ask for help. It shouldn’t.

I adore the raw intensity and honesty in Toby Steel’s vocals. He has captured that simultaneous sense of concern, reassurance but with a real worried hesitancy about the situation. Musically (Toby Steel (vocals + guitar), Toby Ellis (guitar), Rhys Jenkins (bass) and Isaac Brierley (drums)), there’s a great early 1990’s big indie vibe which channels to the likes of Weaser or Puddle of Mudd. The bass line from Rhys totally rocks on this track.

Everything’s Alright follows the first Geezas release Hot Head from January and builds upon that huge melodic, calm indie style, with heaps of class, sensitively and style marbled through. While Hot Head as Geezas sole released song left me wondering about their direction, Everything’s Alright gives the perfect and organic progress for the band. Geezas are a band who have quickly found their style and place and have landed on their feet running. Next up is a 4 track EP of which this song is part. It’s going to be an exciting ride following these lads.

Chris R

* Images have been liberated from Geezas social media.


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