Try Me release party indie single Monologuing

I don’t want to think about it, I just wanna do it”. No, it’s not a University philosophy exam discussion question posed to tease debate, but a statement of intent from those Bristol based funsters Try Me. As well as the positive go get it in the song, Try Me’s latest single Monologuing is a jaunty, chopping, banging, fking full on make-you-dance tune. I’m totally signed up here.

Try Me are a duo with the stage names of Bendy Wendy and Hector Boogieman. The duo cite an interesting blend of musical influences from Wendy’s interest in electronic music, rave and dirty heavy tunes and Hector’s interest in funk and indie. They both love the quality sounds of the likes of Confidence Man, Scissors Sisters and Gorillaz. You can see how these influences blend into that party pop punk and classy style of Try Me.w

Try Me are a band who like to max up the fun, dont take themselves or their nipples too seriously, and perhaps that risks their music being categorised into a lightweight place. However new track Monologuing proves the old saying that many a true word is spoken in jest. There’s a debate going on in the song where our singers snap after hearing about detailed plans incessantly “always so much on repeat. You’re like a bad dj“.

The Try Me Monologuing artwork is rather like an old kids comic strip. I get an image where the ex army neighbour is contantly curtain twitching at the wild antics of the pesky wild kids next door. That life is for living attitude is extended in the song.

Sorry retired colonel become Mr Neighbourhood-Watch, as the duo also reflect about themselves; “Who controls your life? It’s you“. Fraid your views don’t get a look in old man and y’know, that feels just so right.

Chris R

* Photos taken from the duos social media.


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