Real Easy release debut single Don’t Wait Up For Me

Y’know how sometimes you prowl the new music tips looking for something to give your spark plugs a little tingle? Then that satisfaction burst you get when you finally hear it? Well, give new Leeds based four piece Real Easy and their debut single Don’t Wait Up For Me a little listen.

This song works on the principle that if it ain’t broke dont fix it, and it has a very solid rock sound, a riff line that a seminal band like Stiff Little Fingers would have found very handy, a clean and tidy guitar axe solo, and a overall vibe that fans of Queens of the Stone Age would approve of. It’s one of those vibes that neatly straddles indie and rock.

Don’t Wait Up For Me is an extremely solid and assured debut, and a soaring banger of a track that can fit in just about anywhere. Not that I need any reminding about the lack of gigs this year, but the track just makes me think these Real Easy guys are going to be explosive on the stage. Ha, one day those live gigs are going to be so sweet….

Real Easy are James Roberts, Greg Mitchell, and Rhys Sidwell. James Hunter joined the band recently on bass. A little bit of internet hunting (I rather prefer to think of it as research rather than stalking) reveals a history with the 3 being members of various bands in the Yorkshire and Humber region over recent years). As the vibes in this track hints, there’s a solid rock interest in these guys musical history and they are clearly built to make music.

The track is the first release of a first EP Poundland California which is going to hit our ears mid October. It’s going to well worth the listen.

Chris R

* Images taken from the bands social media


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