Big Leg – Mum I’m scared can you come pick me up

I might be elderly with more flesh on me than is entirely decent, but y’know one of the first things I’m gonna do post covid, is to blow my eardrums out and embarrass myself in a fking huge mosh pit with a heap of teens half my size and over twice my speed.

Hold my beer, and my glasses lads. I’m going in”.

Big Leg with their massive ballsy, blues tinged goth punk could very easily be the ones I lose that final shred of dignity to. There’s so much to like about this noisy trio of Norwich teens with their banging bluesy rocking punk, and their sense of irreverent fun.

Big Leg’s new single Mum I’m Scared Come Pick Me Up has all the hallmarks of a moshpit cult classic. There’s a perfect amount of rolling beat, menace and noise going on for a pretty banging mosh. The guys (Will Hart, guitar and vocals, Eddie Holmes bass and Felix Davies on drums) force a steady build up of tension, melded with funny but thoughtful lyrics. These lyrics share a very human situation where someone wants their mum to come over after getting freaked out by a weird man.

I thought I’d ask Will about the inspiration for Mum I’m Scared (asking for a friend; checking it wasn’t inspired by the sight of an old rotund man flailing about in a mosh pit).

It came from our former guitarist Fin. We’d just finished a rehearsal and he called his mum up and said “Mum I’m scared can you come pick me up please?”. We found that kinda funny so I went home and started writing the song”.

The other two Big Leg tracks both released this year also show a real affinity and love for beat heavy, noisy, dirty blues. Their first released track (the day before lockdown in March), the self titled Big Leg, immediately grabbed my attention; there’s a lovely raw and wallow-in-the-mud quality for the song. If you think of that 70’s version of the bluesy classic Black Betty and double the fuzz and energy, you will be close to the Big Leg vibe.

This band are musicwise beyond their years (Will is 18, Eddie and Felix 17) so I asked Will about how they came up with their sound.

It took us a little while to decide on a genre, the first song we wrote as a band was a really chill jazzy indie love song called “It’s All Right” but it didn’t really feel that exciting to us. In November I was pi ssing about with different tunings and styles by myself and started writing our first punk song “Big Leg” which we released back in March. We really loved playing this sort of music so we wrote more similar songs and found our unique style of punk with bluesy roots through writing these songs.”

From here, I just had to ask Will how Big Leg came to be:

“We’ve been at the same school together since we were 11 and now go to sixth form together so we’ve known each other for years. The first lineup of me, Eddie and a couple other mates started probably about a year and a half ago but we only got round to seriously writing some songs about a year ago. Felix joined the band around that time and since February we’ve been a 3 piece. We love playing as a three and we’re not gonna be changing the lineup again (unless they’re secretly planning on chucking me out).”

While I’m waiting for that delicious perfect moment in the mosh, I’m going to look to get onto watching Big Leg on a live stream this weekend (from 7.30pm on Friday 16th, but available all weekend) with a host of other bands too including headliners SCARLET. Tickets are £7.

Will tells me Big Leg have a good few unreleased songs they are planning on putting out in the next few months and they will be playing those songs in the gig.

Chris R

* Images taken from the Big Leg social media.


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