The Banshees: Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo

Sometimes I just need a real blast of good dirty, bluesy, pulsing rocking indie. With Liverpool’s The Banshees and their track Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo you get an insistent banging tune that can be threaded right back through to huge influences such as Strokes, The Coral and through to the earlier days of the likes of The Cure and even The Velvet Underground. This tune is a very solid touch of class and complexity.

The song has a pleasing mix of the foot stomping banger complete with the solid forcing ahead rhythm but The Banshees (singer Vinny Pereira and Guitarist, Paul Holligan) also have the experience and the guns to bring in something deeper. There is an explosion of emotion throughout the song, born during the frustrations of lockdown angst. This is a song desperate to have the bitter angry truth of the world out there.

Since forming in 2018 The Banshees have shared half a dozen quality singles and Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo is without doubt the most urgent of them all. There is a rare intensity in the song, and it feels as though it has a life of it’s own. With Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo I get something of the insistent stare of Mark E Smith, the paranoid intensity of Robert Smith, even the pure complex pop and accessibility of late era Beatles and it’s all dripping in dark cool.

I get a real sense that The Banshees have forged their place in the world with Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo and now the genie has been uncorked, it’s going to be exciting to hear just where it goes next.

Chris R


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