Big Leg: New single, The Cure

I woke up Saturday morning with an urgent ache. No not THAT kind of ache, but that having an unquenchable thirst for some banging loud guitar music kind of ache. I needed a quick fix of a crisp drum and dirty guitar heavy tune that gently but persistently shook my brain till my eyeballs rattled and reminded me that I was ALIVE. Then I remembered that those Norwich noisy boys Big Leg have a new single The Cure out and I was both happy and saved. God only knows how the care home will cope with me in a few decades.

Big Leg (Will Hart, guitar and vocals, Eddie Holmes bass and Felix Davies on drums) recorded The Cure alongside Mum I’m Scared back in August with Raoul from Blaze Studios. The guys felt it was a great experience. The songs tell it loud.

I have to say Tame Impala wasn’t exactly tripping off my tongue when it came to think about the influence for The Cure, but lead singer Will told me:

The main inspiration for The Cure is Tame Impala’s Half Full Glass of Wine which is this dirty, bluesy, rocky track that you really wouldn’t associate with their usual sound and I absolutely love it!

This song has this really cool vibe to it like the sort of music that makes you wanna go do some crimes and I wanted to recreate that vibe in Big Leg’s music. With this in mind I wrote The Cure”.

So, The Cure is no homage to Robert Smith’s boys nor is it a commentary upon the merit of vaccines. Instead I can really vibe that edgy, ansty, impatient feel we sometimes get. I love those songs that really channel a mood.

Will went on to tell me:

“I wrote this song almost a year ago around January.

Probably the biggest challenge with this track came when we went from a four piece to a three piece band because I suddenly had to play the lead and rhythm guitar at once while singing.

It took a little getting used to but we made some adjustments and I found a way to play it as the only guitarist with a slightly simplified version of the song”.

Y’know what’s impressive about Big Leg is that while the music is firmly on the hard and heavy spectrum, each track has a distinct different theme and tone to it. Big Leg’s previous released track, the fun Mum I’m Scared has a distinct psychobilly feel to the sound, while self titled Big Leg was distinctly hard garage punk sound. Here, with The Cure, Big Leg have a definite smoking hard bluesey vibe and a real effective catchy scalely beat. Fans of the likes of Slaves, White Stripes, and Royal Blood would find a lot to admire in Big Leg but with this confident band, you never quite know what’s around the corner.

Chris R


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