BIG LEG: new single Bees Don’t Make Graphene

It’s brave of a band to release a track in that dead space between Christmas and New Year but those Norwich noisy boys BIG LEG don’t usually play by the book, so why was I still surprised to see the trio’s new release Bees Don’t Make Graphene drop on 27th December.

Following on from the quirky titled Mum I’m Scared, Can You Come Pick Me Up, the band’s 5th single release, Bees Don’t Make Graphene might see BIG LEG to be considered as some kind of jokey band. However, while the lyrics and the song titles might have some much-needed humour in them, there’s a serious intent and quality in the music. This time the lads have a bit of a Nirvana vibe going on. If you ever wanted to hear Kurt Cobain growl “I believe in bees” then I’m thinking this might be the closest you will get to it.

So, what is the song about? I might have troubled to ask Will Hart, the main wordsmith of the band, but here I’m quite sure that beyond a love of bees and a hand of friendship extended towards the furry torsoed anthophila, there probably isn’t an answer. There is some helpful advice to check for bees if you put ketchup in your sandwich. May I gently venture that it’s equally handy to check for psilocybin mushrooms before writing song lyrics.   

Musically again for the BIG LEG guys, we have a strong confident pulsing stomp of a tune. BIG LEG are one of those bands where the bass notes and rolling punky beats (courtesy of Eddie Holmes on bass and Felix Davies on drums) can be felt pulsing through the pavement outside. The song was recorded at Blaze Studios in Caister and again the sound production is top point

Bees Don’t Make Graphene is one of those songs that really connects people to a band; the sheer quirky imagery and strong distinctive beat gives Big Leg a real hook for followers to pick up on. I’m gonna want to join the waggle dance in the mosh once live gigs get going again.

Chris R


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