Region debut single Irresistible

I had to agree when I read a bit of info while seeking to find out more about the Devon band Region. Their Spotify profile describes them as 3 Devon based friends who play music together to have fun. Nothing wacky, but it was that word fun. How easy it is for us plodding through the daily grind to forget the sheer fun of being creative, and the wonder of sharing something from the heart that someone else enjoys.

There’s Luke on bass and vocals, Rio on drums, and Will on guitar and backing vocals in this wise band.

The guys of Region pushed out some “in session” videos on their socials a little before Christmas. These guys are starting out on their musical journey, and these videos whether it’s an Arctics, Foos or Wholls cover or a Region original, show they are already sweating it hard for our fun. They have an amazing set up band room which looks totally sweet.  

The first single from Region is a very tidy bass heavy tune Irresistible. Like so many, it was released just after lock down, and there has been an inevitable pause.

There’s a bit of a sizzle going on in the lyrics, another bit of fun “I’m irresistible, you can’t help it, I’m irresistible, just try and stop it”. That live version shows a good tightness to the tune, and a good ambition, with a relaxed lead in to the vocals, which isn’t present on the released version. It’s always tempting to play your first tune completely safe, but on the recorded track there’s an extended tidy guitar solo, and a song that shouts heavy at you. The band’s influences extend out to the likes of the Foos, Royal Blood, Slipknot and Slash, but also blend in some of the lighter boppier elements of bands like The Struts, Green Day and The Snuts.

One of the joys of my musical obsession is that you can get in on the ground floor of a band’s growth and development. Region have been together for just over 2 years, but with the space of 2020, it really feels that they are about ready to blossom forth and show us what they are about. It’s time to keep an eye on this band.

Chris R

* Images stolen from the band’s social media


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