Jonny Ash: Isolation Station

Following on from Jonny Ash’s superb EP Blurry Vision, the Wrexham based guys are keeping up the momentum with the release of a couple of stripped back isolation tracks. One is previously unreleased track (Our City), while the second is an acoustic version of Rosies which had a much more full on and complex electric treatment on the EP.

There has been much to hate about our lives in 2020, but one of the little rays of sunlight has come through the release of tracks like these; early versions which might not have seen light of day otherwise.  

On the Blurry Vision EP the full band (Callum Gaughran – vocals and rhythm guitar, Peter Roberts, lead guitar, Phillip Marsh – bass and Mike Jones on drums) have a credit for the songs, but these song skeletons are just credited to Cal as writer.

Our City is a heartfelt track about how we sometimes have to rely on a loved one to get through, and those warm fuzzies you get when you feel close with someone. Our City has a real sweet vibe. Tender is the word.

With the more stripped back sound, these tracks have a little feel of an Oasis acoustic. As a non-musician (I sang a bit back in the day and I play the Uke a little), it’s good to get a feel for perhaps how the Jonny Ash tunes build up with the different influences each member brings in.

There’s something different in each of the tracks in Isolation Station, and hahaha, I’ve changed my mind about three times about which one I prefer. Let me not sweat over it any further; I’m gonna call it a draw. They are both superb.

Rosies on this version here has a very bittersweet feel to it, and folks into the likes of The Clause will get into Jonny Ash.

As a small town Welsh boy myself originally, I understand a theme to the song, which to my ear is broadly around getting off your face on whatever you can lay your hands on as quickly as possible. However, while it may shut out the boredom for a while, ultimately, (and particularly as you get older and a bit wiser), it becomes negative and tiresome. There’s a special patch of woodland on the edge of town where we would spend far too much of every Saturday.

Perhaps of the two tracks Rosies is the deeper and more involved, but Our City is cute; both these songs have lyrics and a vibe that resonate right inside my core.

Splendid work again Jonny Ash. This band is going to fly in 2021. 

Chris R   

* Images are taken from the band’s social media.


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