Region – new single Idkwhyidkwhere

Devon’s Region have hit the ground running with the sheer exuberance and energy of their new tune Idkwhyidkwhere. The young trio of Luke McAuley, Rio Capron, and Will McPherson give us a certified spirited gutsy guitar led banger.

One of the exhilarating things about my self-appointed role as a champion of new music is the chance to share and experience a little part of the victories and growth of many a developing artist. Although with Idkwhyidkwhere the subject of the song itself is somewhat dispirited, the recording sounds like Region are taking sheer and absolute pleasure in the art of song making. The resultant buzz this tune emits is incredible and infectious.

The song itself describes one of life’s moments that I suspect nature deliberately designed.  This is where in the midst of the buzz of a relationship, things feel so much more perfect and exciting than they actually were, when reflecting back on it. It helps stop wars when meeting strangers, and I’m guessing a goodly proportion of the population would never be created unless we all had that little mind bender in-built into our brains. Luke (lead vocals and bass) tells us that the song first came into his mind when driving towards a sunset while listening to the singer Blanks for the first time.

While the song title makes my mild dyslexia bounce the letters around about as vigorously as the tune (heh, there’s a blur around that word), it’s a cute clever little song title too.  

I will just shout out for the production of this song; the band confirm it was home produced with all of the band had an input. The outcome is a great, solid, crisp product where all elements are pushed up to a bouncy and banging max. You cannot fail to warm to this song.

Region like the rest of us are pretty restricted by current events, but they have plans for recording an EP at some point, working up new songs and sharing them live. Considering Region are a school band, there is clearly just so much more to come from these guys. Definitely Region are one to keep an eye on.

Chris R    


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