Six Four Zero Two with Juline Costa – I Really Like You

We all have different ways to get through the weeks, and London based instrumentalist Six Four Zero Two has deployed a better method than most. He has been on the look out for artists to collaborate with, and he and Lisbon based artist Juline Costa have produced a post punk electro mysterious classic. I Really Like You is 6402’s 9th Soundcloud release since the start of the first lockdown.

Juline Costa had an unfinished song that was clearly far too good just to remain as an unloved file on the computer. 6402 changed the original quiet acoustic guitar riff backing into a strong moody music piece, which gives Juline’s lyrics and spoken but well-timed vocals a truly mysterious form. Having spent my adult life in the company of strong women partners, it puzzles me how most women are so complex to understand, but how women can completely mind-read most men in an instant. Ok perhaps, that’s just me, but this song plays to my experiences.

On this track I love the confident control that the vocals have. Even though the lyrics are focussed around the title of the song “I Really Like You”, the lyrics do not necessarily suggest this as a weakness in the balance of the relationship. Here the woman is giving assurance; what is not known is the why. There’s a very personal element in the track, these kinds of things are not discussed around the pub table and here there is a rare intimacy. The song is special for that reason, and the musical backdrop just enhances that sense of intrigue. It is perhaps surprising that 6402 tells me that actually Juline and he have never spoken about the meaning of the lyrics and how that might influence the vibe of the song. It has just come to be.

This is an intriguing and ultimately hugely satisfying collaboration; I’m looking forward to finding more from both of these artists.

Chris R

* Images are from the duo’s social media.


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