Plasmawav: Escape, Wav and Supernova

When it comes to music, we are always looking for new and different, and so when I came across American solo artist Plasmawav the other week I was hooked. There’s a huge diversity in his songs and having spoken to the man, his formative years and interests have helped create the music we hear. I was originally going to only review one Plasmawav track, but with the sheer range of sounds how could I possibly do that?

In terms of common ground, the tunes themselves have a very unusual mix of calm and strength, and there is often something unsettling and deep within them too. I literally don’t know whether to be sad or happy. Still waters run deep. I guess the important thing is to just let them soak in under your skin. Plasmawav makes music to be absorbed.

The latest Plasmawav track Escape is a dark and heavy tune which feels like a release. This track is a dark and brooding ride. Escape’s opening line explains that eventually life will throw you before three minutes of reflection within a brooding musicscape. There’s a hard rock base here.

As Plasmawav says: “I get inspired by my own personal life and others to make music, because there’s so many people going through stuff. That’s why I made Escape as a kind of release for myself and others”. My personal mantra is a Buddhist one: “all things must pass”, which is a comfort, but it can also be a disconcerting thought when you really study it. I think there is that similar comfort but simultaneous discontent in Escape with the inevitability of life throwing you a curve ball.    

The song which brought me to Plasmawav is an 85 second snippet, Wav, which reminded me of a sample from a sweet children’s cartoon, but which is then overlaid with a hard reality of rap. Given Plasmawav is New York City born, and now lives in Philadelphia, he definitely wasn’t inspired by the 1960’s UK Trumpton TV series (hahaha that name didn’t age well), but that’s the kind of comforting feel I get from this tune.  

Plasmawav tells me that he was inspired by The Voidz (featuring Julian Casablancas’ more experimental side of course) to make music and from playing RuneScape for much of his childhood. I can certainly pick up both the comfort from the repeating backdrop to Plasmawav songs, those class rock beats, and that endless quest for the new. He produces all the music himself using Beatmaker 3, Fl studio, & GarageBand.

The third 2021 Plasmawav release is the shifting eastern influenced Supernova. I hear this song and can shut my eyes to envisage a sand dune slowly shifting and morphing its shape in the desert winds. There’s something of the silky enveloping vocal style of The Weeknd on this track, which just adds to that sense of silky slither that I pick up in this tune.

As for the future, Plasmawav creates his own art, and currently studies at a yoga school and intends to become a yoga teacher with his 200ryt certification. He says “I try to make my music unique and not copy anyone else. I do want to produce an album when I’m finished with school, which will be mixed with some aesthetic instrumentals, trap beats and a couple of rock songs”. This is definitely something to look out for.

Chris R

* Images are taken from Plasmawav’s social media

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