San Francisco New Single Night Drive

Three tracks into a musical solo career, and San Francisco has already developed a special niche and a distinct fresh sound in music. With Night Drive, there’s that lush and strong guitar work and a solid narrative within the lyrics. Musically there’s a good paced, accessible sound. Fans of the likes of Catfish, The Night Café and those favouring fresh faced, breezy crisp indie pop would be very happy here. If you liked the previous San Francisco tracks, you will love Night Drive.    

San Francisco is the project brainchild of Iwan Grant who has moved from North Wales to study music at Leeds Conservatoire. Iwan hasn’t rested during lockdown, finding a way to bring out music to the world, and producing a CD of his first two singles. Trot on over to the San Francisco bandcamp if you want in at the ground floor. Like the first two released tracks Iwan has worked on most of the track solo, this time around having Oscar Liddiard to drum and Jake Day (from Tom Lumley & the Brave Liaison) work on bass, mix and mastering.    

I think what really works with Night Drive is that the song feels so heartfelt in its delivery. To my mind, the lyrics of the song has San Francisco imploring someone to continue with a new relationship, when they have commitment issues. It sounds very real and San Francisco’s lyrics also feel very genuine and relatable. I can almost imagine the conversation stood outside a crowded bar in Leeds (remember them?). Hahaha, I do just want to assure San Francisco that he hasn’t pulled, as heartfelt as his lyrics sound.

We are at the point where we can almost taste live gigs and San Francisco’s recent streamed set shows he has plenty in the tank where live music is concerned. So, San Francisco’s Leeds gig at Eiger Studios in Leeds on Saturday 10 July with Red Shakes and Near Mrs has to be a shout of the tallest order.

Chris R

* Images are taken from San Francisco’s social media


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