Rivver: New single Blue Lagoon

If you are looking for a tune that chasses on over across the floor to you with a big welcoming smile, heaps of personality and your favourite cocktail, than look no further than Wigan’s Rivver and their latest banging, funky, hard and heavy single Blue Lagoon. Let me tell you, this is a huge tune and not to be missed.

I don’t particularly favour comparisons given each song has its own individuality, but I kind of felt Blue Lagoon had a feel of a guitar heavy version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood from around the Two Tribes era. That’s a special place to be, so although I knew I was at a little risk of creating a laugh for the guys with my comparison, they thought I wasn’t a million miles off. Ha, my ace music reviewer status remains intact. cough.

As those Rivver guys (Matthew Barber vocals and rhythm guitar, Danny Harrison lead guitar, James Snow Bass and synth, and Tim Glynn on drums) describe it themselves, the heavy pinch of flowing funk within Blue Lagoon was inspired by the likes of Nile Rodgers Chic, the pure 80’s pop in the tune channels the magnificent Duran Duran, and that completely inspired and unexpected wild and free guitar work which builds through in the latter half of the song is pure Frusciante/Hendix. I adore that soaring, distorted, frantic guitar work; I can feel my fingertips bleed in sympathy.

There are so many excellent bands coming through from Wigan at the moment, and I have to say I have a particular admiration for Rivver as they have built up a series of diverse quality sounds over the past 18 months. It’s hard to create a distinctive and unique sound in indie, and Rivver achieve it. Consistent through them all is the distinctive, strong and warm vocals of Matthew Barber and a consistently solid musical sound. The clear and fresh production from Gareth Nuttall (lounge recording studio) shines through. Nuttall has done stirling work for a whole host of bands from the Lottery Winners to The K’s and the Stanley’s. This April work is special too.

I really look forward to hearing Rivver live one day soon, and I’m pleased to say they have some gigs lined up over in Wigan and Manchester. With the silly uncertainty affecting gigs at the moment I’m not going to jinx things by listing them, so you will need to pop on over to the bands socials to go and take a look and check they are still ongoing.

Chris R

* Images have been taken from the bands social media pages.


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