Flechettes, High Windows Live at Leeds Lending Rooms

I had been waiting for this for a while. I’ve enjoyed and totally admired the tracks those Wigan lads The Flechettes have brought out, but you don’t get to feel the beating heart of a band until you see them live. There’s a heap of a difference between a polished 3 minute snippet in a studio and a full live performance.

It was also my first trip to Leeds Lending Room at the Library in almost 2 years and it was lovely to be reacquainted with the lovely tiling up the stairs. Hahaha, the gig experience is enhanced by Victorian/Edwardian tiling I find.

In traditional format, there were 4 acts displaying their wares tonight, and the first, local guys, High Windows showed a whole load of intrigue and promise. I picked up shades and hints of Morrissey (the good positive aspects of the man, rather than the misguided I should stress), the Arctic Monkeys and even a bit of Elvis.  There was kind of a touch of the Muse over-emphasis in the vocals which made it interesting. There was certainly a good and lively contrast and mix in the influences and it gave a fresh new context to the music. There were hard guitar tunes and a solo acoustic tune in there.A lot packed into a 30 minute taster set.

I particularly liked the very deliberate musical style of the vocals and then behind it, some confident music. I know I bang on about this, but I like a vocalist that draws out the full words; and there are so many vocalists with a terrible technique, with slided notes, gulped breaths and poor posture. Here, the lyrics could be very clearly followed and understood, the vocals clear and strong, and with a great note range. There aren’t that many live bands that can be said for.

When High Windows transfer that gutsy, strong sound into the recording studio then I can see them rising up the listings, for sure. I would happily pay to see these guys again.

The Flechettes were who I’d come to see, and they were so very tight you could hold up a cigarette paper in their butt cheeks (I’m not sure I’d wish to smoke the resultant rollie however).

I could detect in the audience a strong Lancashire contingent (haha “does it not?”) and it was telling about the sheer amount of organic local support these lads have. I spoke for a while with Jack’s cousin who was staying in Leeds for a couple of days, and living the weekend to the total max (good lad) and fully into the beat.

I know these Flechettes guys have gigged a fair bit over recent weeks and it totally showed. The Flechettes are a band who rather than tear up the rule book, perform solid and very likable, banging indie rock to an incredibly high standard. They have clearly thought through every component; how the guitars compliment each other as they weave their own course through the song, and with tight drums and bass to lead the beat. There’s a huge number of ticks in the check list with Flechettes, and again they can only grow as the tunes and the songs keep coming.

Live too, there was a good contrast between Jack’s excellent and probably more familiar vocals, and Will Watts who took the lead mike on a couple of the tracks with a slightly deeper and bluesier voice. There aren’t too many bands that can boast 2 very creditable vocalists, and find time, space and confidence to give them both a good showcase. In the set were familiars like Man of The Hour, Chasing Youth, Caffeine and Innuendo, and then newer songs too. Breathe was one (I know because I begged for the hand written lyric sheet). The band are getting to that lucky stage where they don’t always have to play everything they have released on Spotify.

Now I’ve finally caught up with Flechettes, they can guarentee I’m not gonna leave it so long next time, well worth checking out these talented lads.

Chris R

* rubbish photos can only mean they are my own…


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