Sam Hutchinson new single IDK

Young Leeds based Sam Hutchinson is off to a flyer. His last single Falling has hit almost 20,000 Spotify hits in around a month, and this week (January 2022) sees Sam release a killer second track IDK, prior to the release of a full EP.

Sam is one of the more thoughtful song writers around the emerging scene at the moment, and IDK (this one written with George Gales sharing the writing credit) is no exception. There’s almost a sinister opening line with “I look at me in the mirror, but I don’t see myself looking back at me”. Sam doesn’t have my excuse of age (hahaha, we always think we look younger than we do), but it seems the tune is about someone realizing they have lost their way, and being uncertain of where they are going. It’s probably a sign of our times, but I think most of us are wondering where we are and what uncertainties we face, so this track hits a chord.

The vocal similarities with Kelly Jones on some of Sam’s songs are too strong to resist a mention, but with IDK, Sam shows a rather different side to his considerable talent. IDK is a faster rocker rather than the reflective but heavy punching ballad of Fallen and it’s another class act, with the vocals leading the tune from the off.

Fans of the likes of Catfish and the Gallaghers would be happy in the company of IDK as it’s a nice sleek and flush indie rocker, but there are more than enough differences to keep it fresh. The standard of the vocals and guitar work on this track are as high as always. Sam can be totally depended upon to produce the banger.

EP? Can’t wait mate.

Chris R

Images have been taken from Sam’s social media profiles.

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