The Levis – Good Times

I don’t know about you, but I’m still finding my way about a bit. We had a very good range of cities we used to visit and we haven’t yet seen all of them again since lockdown. So, when we wander to a new (old) place, it’s a with a bit of nervousness to check out whether a favourite place is open or not, and if so, whether it still has the same vibe.

One thing I’m certainly happy about, is that those High Peak/Sheff muffins The Levis definitely have their shutters up, the doors are wide open and they are wonderfully again open for business. It’s still very cool inside. I know the timings of the various lockdowns were tough on these Levis guys and some planned gigs and recording sessions were shelved and postponed.

Rather than retire hurt, Max spent his time honing his production and music skills on his 60’s Night Club project and the band bided their time for better sunlight. I find it hard to believe it’s been a full 2 years since the lads last record release (I can only imagine what they feel), so how euphoric it must be for them to be out there again, eh?

To be honest, I’m loving the band’s new single Good Times a lot. There seems to be a fresh sense of confidence, maturity and style with The Levis’ sound. When I first listened, I immediately got that solid, slow and huge rock sound, which kind of reminded me of a backdrop wash portrait straight from the Rolling Stones school of art. Hell that style has done Mick and Keef plenty of favours for 55 years so don’t knock it. However, before you worry let me assure you, the Levis haven’t become wrinkly, saggy and tired in the past 24 months. While that lazy solid guitar sounds like it could play all night in that cool style, there’s a jaunty fresh vocal from Max, and an overall taste that feels fresh. This is another level stuff from The Levis.

The lyrics itself feel like they tap into the moment where after a dull winter, things are starting to feel better and more upbeat. I really pick up on that mood throughout the bones of this tune.

Heh heh, there’s an unexpected “whoo” right in the middle of the vocals of Good Times; it’s one that totally gladdens an old heart. So, make sure you listen hard to this tune, dear reader, repeat the plays. Then when The Levis perform it live, shout that whoo at the perfect moment. Music doesn’t get any better than that in my view.

Chris R


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