Red Shakes – Sad Teenager Song (Okay)

Life is complicated and it’s not one dimensional for anyone, despite how that barrage of social media posts we all read all day might suggest. Red Shakes (aka Sam Da Silva) reminds us of this in his banging new track Sad Teenager Song (Okay).

Here our protagonist in the track is popping pills with champagne, getting fuked up every day, but still life is OK. I can simultaneously think of a dozen different facets and aspects of my life and my emotions can veer from despair to joy in that spread; sad, happy indeed.

It’s not the first time I’ve pulled out this Nietzche quote this week, but basically he said that in the certainly of death, we should be going around enjoying and savouring every day because it ain’t gonna last. Sounds like a plan, eh?

To be fair when you quote Nietczche you are probably overthinking it (haha, moi?) perhaps most importantly this Red Shakes track is an instantly likable and relatable banger, kind along the lines of Supergrass and Alright, and lots of others. It’s one of those tunes that wrap their lyrics around your mind and down into your voice box. Before you know it, you are humming and singing along. Sneaky Sam weaving his words into my brain like that.

There’s little doubt that Sad Teenager Song (Okay) will be a Red Shakes live highlight. The song fits snugly into Red Shakes bright and bouncy song roster although it’s distinctly at the rockier and harder end of the range. That’s a good thing in my book as it truly bangs.

Sam and his band mates are spreading the gospel according to Red Shakes across the North of England this spring. You can guarantee there won’t be a grumpy face in the place, so do yourself a favour and shake off those Sad Teenager (or older) blues. There’s going to be a lot of shaking going on at Preston’s Ferret on 29th April, Manchester’s mighty Castle (I love that place) on 14th May, St Helens Red Lion on 28th May, the Northern Quarter in the mighty Huddersfield on 10 June and at the Liverpool Jac (Jacaranda) on 18th June.

Chris R

* Images taken from Red Shakes social media


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