TIDEPOOL- Patterns

From the ashes of promising young West Yorkshire based band, Full Colour, a number of fresh musical endeavours have risen, Manny based Tidepool being one. Here, lead singer Conrad Beriff and guitarist Alex Holdsworth have joined forces with the power of Jack Wright (guitar) and Will Smith (drums) to create this very tidy new band. Already signed to Scruff of the Neck, who definitely know a thing or three about class indie, Tidepool are straight up out of the starting blocks with their debut single Patterns.

Patterns is a banging tune for the summer, with frantic guitar riffs, a nice choppy vocal, solid tight drums and a killer hook line. Really those words “I need you, don’t need you, I need you, don’t need you, I need you, don’t need you around” is the strap line for this banger.

Connie gives an impressive vocal performance where that conflicted view comes through in the emotion in his voice. There’s some lovely vocal hooks, tidy note changes and twists in the way Conrad delivers this song, which makes a solid vocal rather special. Tidepool is also of course, the name of a particularly cool looking Fender, and its not a surprise that guitar hits hard on this track.

Like some of the latter Full Colour tunes, there is an involvement from producer/ writer/ performer Rich Turvey. Here is a co writing credit and Rich has created songs with the likes of Vistas, Oscar Lang and Blossoms. Mickey Dale (Cud, Embrase) takes co-production credit and again as well as that pedegree as an artist, he has worked with the likes of Marsicans and Talkboy. Those liking a strong summery bop feel to their indie will find a heap to enjoy in Tidepool.  

Tidepool together have delivered a very crisp and up to date sound with this debut single, and there’s a rather splendid video of the guys wandering around in the sun (lovely Malaga, a place I used to visit often) to accompany it. I’ve been told there are quite a few new tunes in the bag for Tidepool so listen out for more. This is just the start.

Chris R

* images have been taken from the bands social media


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