Cleggy – Get Out

Leeds based Noah Clegg is a busy guy. He performs and releases music with a number of bands and solo (as Cleggy), and from listening to his Spotify back catalogue, is most definitely not afraid of trying out new styles and vibes. It’s about exploring, not holding back on your ambition and then finding your sweet spot; a stance that’s perfect for the start of your career. Cleggy’s latest single Get Out is a case in point and shows how good his thinking and instinct can be.

Noah has spoken with me about his appreciation/ hero worship of Springsteen and once again within Get Out there is a Springsteen vibe; those heavy yelling guitars, and a huge athemic feel to the song. Don’t knock the Springsteen; admittedly there was a period when the Boss was uncool, but time has reappraised just how strong the man and his music was. It might be controversial, but isn’t Sam Fender a bit of a Springsteen fan boy? Even his covers band Scam Fender also cover Springsteen songs. Sorry, that’s a long rambling way to say that Cleggy is onto something here, and there’s also a touch of a feel for the music of Sam Fender here.

I also like that Cleggy has looked to stretch the structure of the song; there’s a lot of words in the lyrics which kind of overspill the bars in the music. It takes a confidence to produce a song which at first listen feels just a little out of kilter with the world, but on a repeat play I really go with it. I know Catfish and the Bottlemen and the Arctic Monkeys would deploy a similar technique to make it all sound a bit choppy, but Cleggy stretches the point to the max here. It works, it works well.

Cleggy is one of those artists who is never boring as you never quite know what direction the next release is going to dart off in. I also know Noah to be a thoughtful, hardworking guy determined to improve and make a mark on the music industry. He’s always on the right side of a social issue too. Whether it’s in his band or solo, Cleggy is one to watch for sure.

Chris R

* images have been taken from the artists social media


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