Tidepool: Girl

I appreciate that I’m probably not quite the closest fit for the demographic that Manchester based Tidepool are focusing on. However, having had Tidepool’s latest glorious single Girl, rattling through my brain for the past few weeks, I’m doing my own little bit of ‘letting go’ by writing a piece to mark the band’s new single released last week, and their visually sizzling video for the track released yesterday and recorded on the hot streets of Malaga.

The song lyrics are about that time immortal conundrum of relationships. A stressful and hurtful end, but your ex is still hanging around messing with your mind, and her own mind. It’s hard, but it’s time to get some space and distance. That’s a situation we can all relate to.

The uncompromising message in Girl is delivered in infectious catchy style, it’s indie pop at its finest and with enough glorious guitar riffs and beats behind the lyrics to keep an old punk wreckhead happy.

Is here the place to mention that after splitting up with my ex partner, we stayed living together for another 4 years, in time, also with her husband and my girlfriend. However that’s perhaps just the stoned hippy within me and the clean break is the better plan.

The video for Girl features beautiful Malaga and I recognise some of the recording sites in the maze of the old town and at the marina front. With Connie’s prowl dancing in the street, the sun seems low and those busy streets unusually quiet. There is a bemused masked couple in the backdrop of one of the scenes, and Alex can be spotted with an unplugged guitar while Will bangs on an invisible drum. It’s a striking image for a striking tune, and a world away from the last time I saw Conrad pre lockdown in the frosty carpark of Leeds Brude. Haha.

There clearly is only one way for Tidepool to go with striking, catchy tunes like Girl coming at us. To the top. This is just the start.

Chris R


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