Tom A Smith : Never Good Enough

We all know it; there’s nothing better for audience bonding than when we all make that funny tooting noise to our favourite songs at a gig. Not everyone can carry a full tune, so a group ‘toot’ does the biz and unites us like no other.

So if I were a songwriter, I’d always make sure my set includes a few ‘toot’ worthy tracks. Always wise beyond his years, Tom A Smith delivers such a song with new release Never Good Enough.

Tom has just so many arrows stored in his musical quiver; he can play it hard, soft and everything in-between, and each sounds natural and genuine.

Here Never Good Enough is towards Tom’s more reflective soulful side, with a very tasty saxophone line from Alex White (from the Fat White Family) having a strong role making the tune very classy and special indeed. Those tempting backing vocals meantime come from James Kellegher from the dear departed Eliza and the Bear (Tom was support at their final gig at the London Scala at the end of last year).

The Never Good Enough song lyrics have a very relatable moment of insecurity where whatever you do doesn’t feel good enough however hard we try, and that drip drip of criticism be it self or from someone else just cuts and hurts. I think we have all been there, where perhaps someone focuses on what you haven’t achieved rather than what you have. Likewise sometimes you just want it perfect and it doesn’t happen. The song is a very solid preparation for the dynamics of a long term relationship haha.

Tom A Smith has had an amazing 2022. He has taken on every gig opportunity imaginable this year from small support slots, to festival appearances and supporting the biggest names right up to the likes of rock royalty; Elton John. Tom is one going places in leaps and bounds, and is clearly enjoying every moment.

Although only just 18, Tom tells me he has around 300 songs kicking about and so when he says that Never Good Enough is his best released track yet, you know it’s gonna be a special one. So it proves, Never Good Enough is one of those songs that’s going to be considered one of Tom’s signature tunes and I predict will be on the live set for a time to come.

Chris R

* images taken from Tom A Smith’s social media.


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