Pretty Mafia – Goodnight Kiss

Make things right with a goodnight kiss”

The new single from West Yorkshire based Pretty Mafia is such a very smooth and smart diamond. I’m kind of getting a vibe that Goodnight Kiss could make a classy musical closer for a profound bitter-sweet Ricky Gervais comedy episode or something. Y’know our man is sitting in a park, by a river, wandering through a cornfield or sitting on a sofa reflecting, our woman is sitting looking distant eyed and disengaged with a group of friends glass of wine in hand, and the camera sits on a drone and pans out while the closing credits start to roll. Goodnight Kiss really is that ready, that clever and that pretty.

I think the guy who wrote the theme tune for the Royle Family series did OK in the end and carved out a career in music.

The lyrics to my mind have a rare clear headed message, the night perhaps hasn’t gone great; there’s been a spat, and accordingly the tune sounds a bit sad and downbeat. However, the wisdom here says lets keep the heat out of the disagreement and keep our eyes on staying in it together, and being there for the long term. Shake it all off and start afresh with a Goodnight Kiss. Ha, a word from the wise – with that attitude he’s a keeper.

So yeah, musically I think fans of the likes of those brothers Gallagher, Stephen Fretwelll, Andrew Cushin and Stereophonics would be very at home with Pretty Mafia and their very accessible and reflective melodic indie style.

Pretty Mafia are musical high quality with a high end sheen and finish. The vocals of Charlie Williams flow like a clear brook rolling off the moors, so much that there’s a rare purity there.

I’ve been keeping a bit of an eye on these lads since their pre Pretty Mafia days, and Pretty Mafia have developed and grown into full blossom.

Pretty Mafia are next strutting their stuff on a stage in Leeds Lending Rooms on 12 August as support to The Superlatives. It will be well worth checking out these guys live, so you know what you need to do.

Chris R


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