alright (okay) – Run

coffee and weed are my best friends

In a crowded musical space, Liverpool band alright (okay) turn heads. These lads (Alex Usher, Will Booth, James Byrne and Jonah Lloyd) have already demonstrated they are no one-sound-pony and there’s a massive creativity in their music.

Here with new single Run, alright (okay) display something of a quieter reflective side. However, rather than feel restrained, the sound and vibe is like the revving of a Lamborghini on a suburban drive. The setting may be normal and familiar but there’s a huge spirit in the tank, a comforting powerful purr and everyone is trying not to look admiringly at it. This is alright (okay) still turning heads.

The song itself has a brooding edgy menace with our protagonist in the song on edge, ready to cut his losses and to move on, but not really having a plan or knowing how to get out of his predicament. There’s some deep doggy do going on in this tune as witnessed by the anguished yell at the end of the vocal. Too much coffee?

Run is a part spoken piece with a good hard brooding hurt in the tune, but its mixed up with a lighter bit of melody too. That regular guitar riff seems initially unassuming but you soon realise it’s gonna punch someone in the gut before too long.

It’s too lazy and trite to pick out musical twins to new songs, but in Run I do get a bit of a rootsy feel for something like Songs of Praise era Shame. Run is definitely a development piece from there rather than an easy fan boy copy, but there’s that futile but defiant spark in the song. The band tell me their next planned singles will feel more to their garage sound.

When I saw the guys at Liverpool Sound City at the end of 2021, I described alright (okay) as having the stage presence of freshly uncaged hyenas. Again in Run, I get that total pent up burst of energy feel. I need to see these guys live again before long. Run.

Chris R

* images taken from the band’s social media


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