Brother Vice – Cure

I like artists to have a strong identity in their music and to know where they are going. That’s the sense I get with new single Cure from Brother Vice from Northern Ireland. If you are looking for revolution or out-there then move away now, but if you are looking for tight, quality, honest indie rock then Brother Vice are your men.

Cure harks back to the real heyday of the indie rock single, and it’s a very solidly produced and completely radio ready track with a very tasty hard killer rock guitar. Cure feels more than just a tune you have downloaded from your laptop; it’s a song that moves your keyboard from the table and plonks itself down to perform directly in front of you. This isn’t a tune to be ignored.

Fans of the likes of Stereophonics or The Killers would be very comfortable here. Lead singer James Feely has that nice bit of gravel in his vocal, and I really like that he has kept his local accent in the song. I know the Beatles were about the first act to be themselves with their own accent, like 60 years ago, but it’s still surprising how many singers pull it back.

Not only that, but Cure reveal a strong poetry in the lyrics. Many songs about love and relationship are quite direct in their message, but there is some strong imagery here as our protagonist looks to suggest that a new relationship could be good for them both. Again, there’s a he who dares approach, a persuasive argument in the song which hints of the hope of a bright future for them both after a hurt past.

Brother Vice have released 3 tracks on Spotify (and a brace more on soundcloud) and I think what is striking in listening to these tracks is their growing confidence in their identity. Definitely a band to look out for in future.

Chris R

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