Wolforna – Reset

I always heard it said back in the day that Metal was the Country and Western of the UK. That was certainly true back in the home country (South Wales). So, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for that heavy rock cross over.

Leeds based Wolforna and their new single Reset is the musical equivalent of a plate full of comfort food. Come and tuck into a chilli and chips topped with grated cheese. Mind though, their hand slipped with the spice- this is a hot one.

Reset is themed around a raging angry mood, and those different stages – that initial hot flush, the increasing pounding rage, the steady certainty of what’s coming and then that final build up. I think I was hooked on this banger from the second line.

With Reset Wolforna have a solid dramatic flow, complete with songs within songs. A section of this tune is hard and heavy, a part soft and strong, and the rest pulsing, heavy and beaty.

It’s a brave first timer who would mosh to Reset, where you risk banging when the smart set have deftly moved onto a bit of grooving. As a genre, hard rock can be a bit overblown but here Wolforna have captured dramatic and interesting rather than just to push the dial up to 11 for the sake of it. This song is a true blast.

Wolforna have, as you might expect from such a full on dynamic band, had a pretty amazing year. They are currently winding up on a few live dates. This is a band that give their all on the stage and they look the part too.

Next up this Wednesday is a banging support to All The Young at Leeds Lending Room (9th November). Sounds like a pretty perfect way to end bonfire week.

Chris R

* images taken from the band’s press pack or their social pages.


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