(alright) okay – Idle and Motivated

I fell off a little cliff and took a little unanticipated reviewing time out in December, so I’m only just getting around to thinking about Liverpool’s alright (okay)‘s new track Idle and Motivated, released at the end of 2022. I wasn’t going to miss it. It really is time for the world to pick up on just how special this band is. DMO (don’t miss out).

Idle and Motivated is a track that has all the factors I love in a song – heavy on guitar, heavy on loose and chaotic, heavy on a positive beat and heavy on heavy. I’m sure I’m going deaf, but I’m pleased I’ve not wasted my hearing on shit sounds.

Idle and Motivated has a feel for the horrible stasis we have gone through over the past 3 years with aspirations being crushed by wave after wave of crisis. Life has not been what was expected, there’s always something to nobble our plans and dreams, and it’s incredibly frustrating. None more so than for the new generation coming through. So there is a dark element of frustration and loss in the song, but there’s also a brighter chorus recognizing that we must make things change and to pick up the beat for ourselves.

Musically, there’s a lovely complicated structure of beats and paces to accompany the lyrics. It’s one of those tunes that feels a little like a mini opera, with different mood moments dropped in throughout. Alex Usher’s vocals cover the more doomy part, while guitarist Will Booth picks up the positive vibes in the chorus.

Tracks like Idle and Motivated reaffirm my choices. I don’t think I’m ever going to get bored with the music and ideas of (alright) okay.

The track is issued alongside the earlier released Heavy Chair, and when listened to alongside Idle and Motivated, there’s a new understanding for me – the music seemlessly flows from one track to the other. There’s a rare intensity and a musical thread which just passes naturally. alright (okay) are a band comfortable in their musical skin; there’s room both for a framework of a loose heavy style, but also for experiment. Special once again.

While the world might be catching up on the vibe, I know alright (okay) already have a well deserved local live reputation, and when I saw the band over 12 months ago, I thought they sounded far more experienced and fully formed than they actually were at that time. Coming up for the band is a gig at their local EGBGS on 14 January – a most tidy first gig of the year.


* images have been taken from the band’s socials


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