BathTub – Gameplay

Angry can be good sometimes as it can be a catalyst for change if it is channeled in a positive way. In any case, angry certainly makes for strong and challenging music as that noisy duo of upstarts BathTub prove time after time.

These BathTub guys (Oli Murphy-Tinsley and Brandon Fiore) are always pushing the boundaries with the subject matter of their music. A couple of tracks from their EP The New Era told the story of a naive man as he prowls around looking for the ideal woman in his head, while Oiled Up is about a gay man too repressed to come out.

New BathTub track Gameplay is a savage commentary on the state of the music industry, where there is too much talent locked out of most of the opportunity. Money and connections talk, and no where stronger than in the music industry. The track reflects the hard work and commitment put in and ponders whether it will all go to waste. Thank goodness I got a job with the council, dear reader, at least I have a conforting certainty that I am going to hell in a handcart.

The music on Gameplay matches the savage, angry, sarcastic tone in Oli’s lyrics and vocals. Considering the band are just drums (courtesy of that muscle powerhouse Brandon) and the clever fuzzy scuzzy bass from Oli, it always amazes me how much this band’s sound has developed, although the consistent theme of hard and heavy always shines through.

I love the flowing rhythms in Gameplay- never let it be said that drums and bass together doesn’t mean complex. Oli has to push his voice above that busy chopping sea of noise.

This is a track full of substance, evident all way through the creating process; from when Oli first noted a stray lyric or riff line, to the point where they turned the plug off the bass and amps after the recording session.

Considering this is my seventh (count em) BathTub write up, I’m still embarrassed to report I’ve yet to catch this band live in the flesh. From the reports I’m getting BathTub are building up their reputation the hard way, just through word of mouth and buzzing exhilarating live noise and performance. Gameplay promises to be BathTub’s most streamed track to date, and I hope the momentum continues to build for these guys.

If you are fans of hard and heavy noisy boys, BathTub will scrub your back for free.


* images taken from the band’s social media


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