Duvet – Rodeo

I had a recent chance meeting chat with Jimmi from Duvet band at a Lounge Society gig, and also read something for International Women’s day, the contents of both resonated with me. The Women’s Day comment was around that if we regret the disparity between how men and women in music are treated and respected, well, the music reviewer (that would kind of be me) needs to step up and write about those women artists they admire more often.


I am of course cossetted within my comfortable middle age white man armour (it might look a bit of a mess but it’s nice and baggy and warm in here too, dear reader), but I tend to wonder why folk twist themselves in knots trying to define who they are, be that in terms of sexual preference, how they present themselves and all other manner of things. Can we not just accept we are all somewhere along a linear scale, and its actually how kind you are is what really matters? Anyway until the rest of the world reads that little memo, I need to do better and a little positivity along the way can hardly go amiss.

Manchester and North West (Preston I believe) based Duvet band and their new (March 2023) single Rodeo get the dubious honour of being at the start of my new regime, but please dont imagine Duvet don’t somehow deserve the affection I am about to heap upon them. I only write about music that inspires me.

Duvet are 4 women and 1 man [insert trite sexist comment here] and they are deservedly cooking up a storm with their fiery, crisp tight brand of music. Riot Girl, with roots going right back to the Runaways, and a healthy touch of the exploring pioneering spirit of the likes of those other northern beautiful souls, Delta 5. Duvet’s first single, the 2020 released Running Around in Circles, is about to hit the half million milestone on Spotify. Since that time, Duvet have developed a looser angrier and more energetic tone.

Despite the name, Duvet are not a covers band. Don’t worry, I will give my brain a good telling off for thinking that line up, but now I’ve thought it, it has to be in the review somewhere.

There’s a tidy bit of angst in Rodeo, and its main line which runs through the song – “it’s not enough, it will never be enough” is married with some stark string work, insistant drums, and an angry frustrated vocal delivery. Reflect on that lyric for a moment.

While there is a dash of post punk experiment here, Rodeo also has a strong mosh pit/ dance floor sensitivity. This would be such a strong live anthem.

So, it is of no surprise to me that Duvet are picking up strong support slots playing with the likes of Warmduscher and English Teacher, and a future gig I’d love to catch with Opus Kink and Pyncher at Manny’s Band on the Wall on 19th May (trains permitting).

I can guarantee you one thing – we have not heard the last of Duvet.


* images taken from the band’s socials to accompany this random stream of consciousness which does mention Duvet a few times.


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