Splint – Awaiting Hills

One of the new bands that I’ve been particularly excited for is Manchester/Hebden Bridge formed Splint. I first caught an early version of Splint live around 18 months ago, where they played support to fellow Hebden dwellers The Lounge Society. I was side swiped at the magnificent confidence of Splint at that time, as their opening song was a deep dive – a lengthy, full on hit it hard and heavy tune, but packed with delicate guitar riffs, and a band cutting it their own way.


Now April 2023 sees Splint release their third single Awaiting Hills, and I’m getting that similar sonic wide landscape. It’s an earthy raw industrial sound, but Splint are confident with time and a lovely rolling riff that repeats through the song.

I don’t quite know how they do it, but Splint embrace both urgent and circumstantial at the same time. The result is a full and rich tale, but in a compelling song that has no spare fat.

There’s something of the mesmerizing quality of Joy Division with Splint – a band you have to tear your eyes from, a band with raw emotion. The overall sound also reminds me of those urgent energy packed New York bands of the mid 70’s – where you just know something has got to happen.

Fans of the likes of The Lounge Society will find much to admire here.

Lead man Jake Bogacki describes Awaiting Hills as creating an idea of magnitude from the ordinary, and taking realness and meaning from a moment.

Jake suggest we will find our own meaning from the song, and for me I get the feel of a frustrated working man looking out at the moors and reflecting that his life will not get better, even though others say there should be hope, and he once thought it would happen. Perhaps its a political statement, or just someone weary with the lies.

Bogacki has a gruff deep vocal delivery, and when he hollers “I will die on a hill” you totally believe his conviction. I’m probably going to say something silly here, but Bogacki reminds me of someone like Springsteen, someone with a knack for making an ordinary tale real, and giving an honest voice to those struggling grafters.

If you want to see Splint live, I promise you won’t regret it. They have a gig lined up at Leeds Belgrave on 30 April as part of the Nice Swan record label extravaganza, with a host of magnificent artists including Courting, Fuzz Lightyear and The Rills, and then an intimate show (there’s no other kind here) at Halifax Grayston Unity on 5th May. Snooze you lose – go and get yoursen some tickets.

Words by Tiggerligger

* Images are from the band’s press material/social media


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