Reclaim Vienna: single release Kick The Butterfly

What’s not to like with a banging indie electronic dance tune? The North West has a worthy updated successor to New Order (and one that also reminds me of that Joy Division/New Order early mix of melody and a bit of gritstone). Track Kick The Butterfly has that electronic rhythm, ear for a dancefloor banger and the thoughtful lyric courtesy of 6 piece newcomers Reclaim Vienna.

These synth wave Reclaim Vienna guys had better make it big; I’d hate to see these six well-built lads trying to strut on the likes of the tiny stage of Manchester’s (current) Jimmys.

Reclaim Vienna are a group of former schoolbuds from Northwich and Winsford who officially got together in the Spring of 2018. Their first promo single Paris quickly drew attention and they are now one of the first signings to new Manchester label 42’s records (founded by the nightclub owners of the same name).

Kick The Butterfly is a swirling celebration of synth loops, guitar hooks, frantic beats and the sensibilities of 80’s hi-energy disco. This is music for the indie kids to dance to. Also on offer is a Bushbaby remix which takes me back to sweaty nights flinging myself around the dancefloor while off my face to the likes of Frankie’s Two Tribes 12 inch version and a dancefloor where every other person was wearing a baggy Katherine Hamnett “Choose Life” t-shirt.

The song itself has within its concept a slant upon the Buddhist “All Things Must Pass” mantra. It’s about when life is good, we know at some point the feeling and situation will inevitably end and the human habit of perhaps hastening its demise. The rolling vocals compliment the music perfectly.

Reclaim Vienna have said they have another 4-5 tracks in the bag which may form part of an album release although next up for the band is a celebratory single launch at Manchester’s Bread Shed (where I know the stage is large enough to accommodate six bouncing lads) on 30 November and another single release this side of Christmas. I have seen live video clips of the band and there’s a more guitar heavy vibe; think Slow Readers Club or a refined Kasabian.

I can only imagine the Reclaim Vienna live experience to be a gritty, joyous and exhilarating affair and this launch gig is perhaps going to be one of those “I was there” moments of the future.

Chris R


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