Callow Youth release new single Red Leather

It’s been quite a journey for Callow Youth over the past 18 months. I was lucky enough to take the ride almost from the ground floor as I could see the potential in the rootsy ballsy energy in the band back from their Vibe Demos EP a collection of song sketches that stood up proudly on their own. I’ve been keeping track of this band’s steady progress since.

Most recently I caught Callow Youth at Made In Manchester in Stalybridge and was totally impressed with the confident way the lads mixed old song with new to expand their set to an hour, and in the process make that jump look effortless.

It is no surprise to hear Callow Youth already have enough material for an album already and it should hopefully be released in 2020, although the guys want to improve upon it yet so it can be a real statement of intent.

Callow Youth’s third single proper is a by now customary piece of confident strut rock. Red Leather refers to a pair of trousers lead singer Alfie saw on a girl, mixed with some reflections of a gig trip. The song feels like it perfectly captures that sense of love and lust when you see a certain someone that makes your heart jolt out of your rib cage. The song has actually been around a while and has been a set steady fixture for almost a year.

The tune shows a heavier, almost chanty side to Callow Youth. With its sense of primal lust, this feels like the type of song that might just wipe its willy on the curtains on its way out.

I preference the baggy psych roll in the Dave Pemberton 42’s remix; here the song lingers and swills around rather than be the fast caffeine energy release of the original track. Callow Youth have signed to Manchester’s 42 Records who like the band itself are on a roll with their first three releases; veterans Narcissus, Cheshire’s finest synth dance with Reclaim Vienna and now this latest Callow Youth banger.

You have to be quick to catch Callow Youth these days; their forthcoming headliner at the Star and Garter in Manchester on 29 November has sold out, although tickets for the Salty Dog gig in Northwich on November 8 supporting Liverpool’s legendary Real People is still to be bagged. Meanwhile if like me you want to covert and own a piece of pretty perfect red vinyl, go here.

Chris R

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