Come and play with us! Write for fun….

You don’t need to be old or male to contribute at We are all inclusive and invite anyone who has anything to say to send us a review. Oldmanblues was just one of those classic music names which hadn’t been taken and which seemed to say something about the site.

We are mainly about music but also it’s a space to share musings about other topic areas.

Unlike some websites we are pretty relaxed about contributions. As long as you have made some effort drawing together a few hundred words and adhere to the guide below then all should be cool.

There are just a few rules about the content of oldmanblues.

80%+ about music. Any music really but more emphasis on the undiscovered or the forgotten.

Keep it positive. If you don’t like someone’s music, well write about someone you do admire. At grass roots level music, folk are baring their souls for a few pennies. Let’s encourage the creative artist within. Unless you just have a few light and constructive grumbles in a piece then this is not the place for you. No bitter nastiness or point scoring please.

No discriminatory comment or hating. Let us know if you spot something questionable we will take a look.

No stolen content please. Original thought only.

No advertising or waxing lyrical about your child/sibling/parent/partner’s band without good cause or explaining your connection. Contact Chris if you have anything which might fall into a grey area.

No just copying the press release – no problems with you using promo material as a guide or prompt but we want a bit of original thought, and you get the rosy glow of producing something unique.

Play nice or you will be removed (from just the site, not the entire planet).

Tell your mates about your work. You get a name credit and we will share your work on social media. It’s more effective if you do it too. If you become a regular and want me to write a reference or commentary on a work book or assessment sheet then I’m happy to help.

Should the site ever turn a profit, money will be divided amongst contributors according to number of hits achieved. Yeah like that’s ever going to happen. I pay £93 a year for this space so that needs to be covered, and if it’s small beer then proceeds will go to charity rather than my distribute a few pennies around. This is about the love of music not the love of money. If its small beer indeed I might buy you a small beer.

No asking the acts for cash in return for a review. You can ask for guest list for gigs and listen to pre release tracks (if you promise not to share them) but don’t try to make a profit out of writing here. I tend to pay my way at gigs as I’m wealthier than most of the acts I see, but not everyone is as lucky as me.

If you want to think about contributing then contact me Tiggerligger by message either on Insta or Twit….

I’m happy to edit if you wish, happy for you just to post your reviews direct if you wish (if I don’t “know you” (from social media or personally) then I might ask to review the first couple of write ups before you can post away).

Write any volume of reviews from 1 to thousands. No commitment required. Ill let you know stats on your reviews.

Come on in, the water’s bracing….

Chris R


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