Leeds band Backspace release new single Letting Go

It’s been a little while since we have heard new recorded tracks from Backspace, but 2020 will see 3 new songs arrive from the young Leeds based band, the first of which is Letting Go.

Once again, the new release demonstrates another hike in the band’s progress. Letting Go is a complex tune as it has a number of different phases, tempos, moods and paces as you take a journey through the song.

This time Backspace have produced a song that merges the simplicity of the 70’s punk scene (I’m getting vibes for one of my personal teenage heroines the late great Polly Styrene) but mixed it up with modern sassy verses, a choppy funky guitar beat and a nice heavy Wolf Alice style wall of sound when it comes to the chorus towards the end.

The song itself is about letting go of your personal baggage so you can make the most of life. The band have explained this is one of their first ever tracks written a couple of years ago (when just very barely into their teens), and it has been revisited and rejuvenated as part of the bands recent recording sessions with Liam Dickman (who has worked with the likes of Purple Thread and Venus).

There’s a real diversity in the vocals of Rosie Weston, the start of the song sounds a little despondent and hesitant before she grasps the idea of letting go, where there’s a bright emerging voice and then a soaring confidence to close. The Backspace boys behind her (Alex Turner (Guitar / Keys), Harry Adams (Guitar), Miles Addie (Bass) and Harry Turner (Drums)) have a solid and tight musical delivery, and as I’ve described before have a natural taste for knowing that space and silence is a sound to be incorporated into the tune and cherished. It’s a little while since I saw the band live, and the guys really impressed on stage.

Since the band formed in 2017 they have cut their teeth with a series of gigs largely around the Leeds music scene, with supports for bands including Elephant Trees, Apollo Junction, Alex Tracey and Conflare. Next up is a gig supporting Artio at The Wardrobe this Friday (13th March 2020).

Chris R


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