York based Everything After Midnight release debut single Again.

Fresh from winning York University’s 2020 battle of the bands, Everything After Midnight are clearly having a virus free March by also this week releasing a class debut single Again.

Photo Luke Snell Photography

I always admire a band who take a risk and this debut released track Again is anything but a safe comfortable first choice. The band immediately have my heart in their hands with a deliciously fuzzy, retro but delicate intro. It’s the aural equivalent of finding an old used 35m camera film down the back of an old sofa, and discovering an interesting faded 60’s treasure when you get it developed.

The vocals of Stephanie Ornithari Roberts offer the band’s bold statement of intent. Her voice has the right balance of pretty and fiercely independent for the track. The band confirm the song is about self confidence and self limiting your ambition, and there’s that mix of hesitation, self frustration and defiance in the delivery.

There is impressive imagery in the lyrics; stars hide your spires, let not hope crumble desires, for example, suggests to me that if you imagine a too lofty ambition, then you might dismiss that you can achieve them. I’ve always been a “small steps” lad myself which is probably why I’m a wage slave.

Photo Luke Snell Photography

The music work on the track is from Jacob Cooper (Electric Guitar), Aidan Robson (Electric Guitar), Andrew Thomas (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Ben Levy (Drums). The tune is also strong with a fairly straightforward but effective overall rolling melody, which is made interesting by slight pauses in the beat and a bit of freestyle wandering in the guitars. The fuzzy retro feel continues in the music of the song, and there’s a tasty rock guitar solo in the heart of the track before the vocals return.

Overall, Again is well worth a few plays; I thought it an interesting track on my initial listen and it’s taken a few more plays to get under its skin to work out what’s going on. It’s not always the immediate bangers that take the prize.

Again certainly left me thinking I’d be keen to check out Everything After Midnight umm…. again. Cough.

Unfortunately, it may be the sign of uncertain times but Everything After Midnight currently have no upcoming gigs promoted. Recent shows have been in York, Huddersfield and Holmfirth so look out for the band here.

Chris R

* All images taken from the band’s social media


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