The Simones: Comotose Nights

It’s been about 4 months and what seems to be a lifetime since I touted the debut single by one of Huddersfield’s finest, The Simones; the bluesy retro track, Lying, on this very blog. Since that time The Simones have already build up a body of work which proves Lying was no flash in the pan.

I had a feeling these young college lads (Josh Cooper on drums , Nathan Mabey singing , Ned Johnson Guitar and Jack Marsden guitar) were going to make their mark and I’ve been happily validated.

In style and influence, the 4 released tracks from The Simones have shown a wide diversity and there’s something to really groove to in each track. From the first, Lying which reminded me of 1960’s Fleetwood Mac, they moved to the reimagining of late 70’s power pop punk with Look at Me complete with heartfelt vocals, and followed by the solid guitars and gentle psychedelic mosh of Geoffrey’s Got Noise.

A few weeks back came the latest and best finger in this fist of tracks, standing proud and erect; the gentle thoughtful strains of Comotose Nights.

In Comotose Nights there’s just so much to like from the gentle but insistent slightly funky rolling percussion, the anguished lost and world weary vocals of Nathan and that nice loose spacey guitar work. There’s a real retro 60’s feel to The Simones but don’t confuse the affinity for that decade with stale. The Simones are as fresh, cool and rich as a tub of Longley Farm double cream.

The song Comotose Nights is to my mind (ha, how much our personal experiences colour a story) about a confused, bemused couple where it has all gone wrong and there’s probably a horribly mixed up love and hate thing going on. There’s clearly a lot of drinking involved; not a great way to steady the nerves when things are falling apart (trust me on that one).

The overall vibe of Comotose Nights is a fleeting memory, gentle, fragile and blurry around the edges. I don’t hear too many songs (and I hear a lot) that evoke such emotion.

This is the bit of the review where I normally set out where you might get to see The Simones live. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Sweet FA. Such strange times; and I wonder how music will look back on the spring (and perhaps summer) we have lost.

I know The Simones are certainly looking to do a few live gigs when they can, so just look out for it. I swear that when we are through the other side, I’m gonna have to be out every night for 3 months to catch everything that people have planned.

Chris R

  • Photography liberated from the band’s social media and taken by the uber talented Louis Ashby

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