Reclaim Vienna new single Cool With It

Winsford 6 piece Reclaim Vienna are in severe danger of being seen as one of those bands who have been popping out bangers for a couple of decades. Of course these lads are still just on their fourth single release (for Manchester’s most discerning of labels 42’s Records).

With Cool With It, Reclaim Vienna move a little more out of their strong 80’s disco synth vibe which feature in their first 3 songs, and which have prompted comparisons to the likes of New Order, Tears for Fears and Erasure. Instead, there’s a more reflective message and feel, albeit with a by now trademark singalong killer chorus and soaring bridge in the tune.

Personally speaking I felt that Reclaim Vienna’s debut Kick the Butterfly was as strong a first single as I’ve heard released in 2019, with Paris and Change The Echo cementing the vibe, albeit not adding too much development to that launched with Butterfly. So it feels that with Cool With It, Reclaim Vienna are again forging forward into new ground.

There’s still strong echoes of those 80’s electro bands who could produce hits like shelling peas, but I value the slightly deeper music in Cool With It. It takes a few listens to appreciate the vibe and the relationship with the tune is stronger for this commitment. I think too that unlike some of those original electo bands there is a warmth and connection with Reclaim Vienna. That’s something hard to fake.

Danny Smith guitarist and writer for the band reflected on his relationship with twin brother Ryan (who is drummer for the band), and the song is about that unshakable bond with either brother or childhood best mate, and how new experiences are shared together as you grow older. The song starts (as many such relationships do) with a childhood ice cream.

Of course, if such things as summer music festivals actually existed (I’m sure I have just dreamt them or perhaps they happened in a previous existence), then both the tune and the subject matter would fly there. In this life in 2020, I’ll just have to content myself for listening to the vibe in a sunny garden with a can of IPA. Not quite the same but needs must, and there are far worse ways to spend some of the day.

I do kick myself that I’ve always managed to miss the opportunity to catch Reclaim Vienna live, and with the slightly more reflective style of Cool With It I’m gonna try harder once the opportunity arises.

Chris R

* images taken from the band’s social media

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