Kashmere /LOA State release lockdown collab Crystals

I’ve said it before, but one of the positives of our enforced pandemic lockdown has come with the creativity that has burst forth. Here, Joey Newey from Kashmere has collaborated with Sid Cooper of LOA State to create a tasty slice of alternative electro with an insanely catchy tune, and the song Crystals.

I’ve enjoyed following Manchester’s Kashmere for some years now, catching the guys live perhaps 5 or 6 times and seeing them progress through a musical transition from hard melodic Doc Martin booted indie boys, through to their more recent lighter and boppy electro fire. A live gig with these lads is always interesting as they can change a couple of songs on their set and alter its tone entirely. Kashmere have largely kept the boots and these guys look uber cool on stage and really give a huge performance every time.

Sometimes a band loses me during such a winding musical journey, but Kashmere have always taken me with them and I’m grateful to the guys. I always try to keep things fresh, even after a few decades of being in thrall to music. Thanks to bands like Kashmere, my instinctive listening home is always on the move and new musical doors open.

LOA State meanwhile blew me away with their debut gig at the Deaf Institute last year. I like LOA State’s flow of beats, the way they mix so many genres and of course, I appreciate their healthy approach to question everything the media tries to feed, and their ultimately anti establishment message.

A band has a platform and a voice, and LOA State use theirs well. LOA State have done much to support mental health and to ensure their message is a positive empowering one. This is about finding where you want to be and finding a way to follow that passion.

LOA State are experiencd hands having come through various Manchester bands. Ha, I was going to say hi to the guys at the Deaf Institute but they were deep in chat with Fred from Satyr Play and to be right fair, it seemed their conversation was going to be far more productive and longer than my “I thought you were great” opening gambit might have achieved.

I do have to confess I’m not a huge fan of Weeknd even having caught him live in Lisbon a year or two back, but I can appreciate his artistry. Here, it seems Joey has taken that Weeknd vibe and created a massive massive alternative R n B tune in Crystals. There’s that mix of understated complex vocals and then a relaxed but banging chorus, with the vocals of Sid LOA State providing a lively rap influence to the tune.

I caught a podcast where Joey explained he was a little anxious when sharing the track with his bandmates, particularly as they weren’t able to contribute to it in a standard way with the current pandemic lockdown. He was relieved they all vibed with the tune, and I have to say I agree totally; this is a track that totally bangs.

The track is the first tune from the isolation friendly Flatten The Curve EP. The second, Make Love is coming shortly (excuse me the dad joke pun, but c’mon it was an open goal).

Chris R


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