Genie Genie : genius debut single Lust Over You.

It’s not often a debut single comes out sounding like no other at the moment, but Leeds based Genie Genie has produced something deliciously weird and instantly likeable with their debut track Lust Over You.

This track sounds like Genie Genie and no other, but it’s kind of inevitable I become drawn to comparison to try to describe the vibe. I am rather reminded of a Public Image Limited (PiL) in-your-face style with a sense of the freestyle, blended with heavy beats and a world music eastern tinge. Pied Piper is by far my favourite PiL track and Lust Over You has a similar uncontrolled wild spirit edge.

Doing a little research determined another listener suggesting a hint within the Genie Genie track not being dissimilar to Connan Mockasin. I’m in love with the music of Connan Mockasin the New Zealand genius (Conrad Beriff of Full Colour highlighted Connan Mockasin in a podcast recently and the album Forever Dolphin Love has been my lockdown soundtrack). I can totally go with this suggestion; both artists seem to have that knack of producing something rich and full, but which twists something to make it sound unpredictable and a bit weird slurred (a very good way weird).

Genie Genie’s Lust Over You feels like a tune which could guide you to a beautiful place for a spiritual immersion into the Ganges River, then dunks you head first into the water before you have had chance to catch a breath. It’s beautiful, memorable and dangerous in equal measures.

Visually Genie Genie (Louis Tissiman) has something of that early 70’s Lou Reed, Angie Bowie, Iggy Pop glamorous thing with an edge going on. I’m in total awe of this guy’s style and poise as he nails the look absolutely perfect (ha, the ship has sadly long sailed on my attempting to emulate it).

It’s early days for Genie Genie but my reckoning is that the guy is really onto something here. Lust Over You is a real stand out tune and I hear tale there may be more where that came from. I for one can’t wait to see where this journey goes.

To find out more about Genie Genie catch this interview.

Chris R

Images taken from Genie Genie’s social media.


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