Backspace: Faces In The Dark

I’m realising the very name of Guiseley based band Backspace is rather misleading. As successive track releases shows, this is a band clearly all about exploring their talent, enjoying flexing their muscles and moving forward. There may be no back in Backspace but I guess there is plenty of backbone here.

Fronted by vocalist Rosie Weston, Backspace also includes Alex Turner (Guitar / Keys), Harry Adams (Guitar), Miles Addie (Bass) and Harry Turner (Drums).

This time new track Faces In The Dark offers a surprise as the song is a reflective keyboard heavy ballad, as opposed to the heavier punky banger we have become more accustomed to. The band wear their new clothes well.

Although the lyrics of the song display someone struggling to find their place and role in the world, the song also shows a street fighter. Things are confused but we are going to get there in this song. We all need positive and it’s wise to reflect; there is nothing that can defeat us beyond our own mind.

While this is a track that could be played straight, there are enough quirks and kinks in the song to give it an edge that I love. Well played Backspace. Rosie’s vocal has a great defiant edge to it; she is no push over and there’s steel at her core. Again, for the second track running I absolutely love the higher notes in Rosie’s armoury. They seem to come through as such a surprise. This track was also recorded at the session that produced predecessor Letting Go, and I’m liking Rosie’s confidence and range in vocal.

The band behind Rosie play it well in an understated way. Overplay the hand on this track, and it could have got mired in euro-bland. While the band name may on reflection have got the “back” incorrect, as I’ve observed before, they seriously and instinctively know “space”. There is a nice uncluttered confidence to the tune. Just because a studio is full of noise and sound loops, it doesn’t mean you have to use it all. I admire that confidence so much.

“Faces in the Dark is a bit of a departure for us being slower than our previous releases” said Miles Addie the band’s bassist, “I love playing this song. Harry originally wrote it for his GCSE music and the counter melody of the bass line is fantastic”.

So, to draw it all together, there is an astonishing maturity in this band of teens. In a fairly small catalogue of music, there’s an impressive range of tune and style and this is a band not afraid to travel. They are taking me with them.

Chris R


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