The Simones release track You

The Simones latest single release You offers the band’s trademark fancy guitar finger work and the classic stylish and nicely understated production. I’m very much liking the crisp, uncluttered feel of this track.

What impresses me is how Nathan Mabey’s vocals sound like a duet with that rather sexy and vibrant string work of that rhythm and lead guitar of Ned Johnson and Jack Marsden. There’s a nice sense of vocals and guitar twisting around each other, like a python interwined around a tree branch. I bet the day these lads came up with this tune, they went to sleep with a contented smile across their faces.

The percussion (Josh Cooper on drums and Mabey on bass) is understated and thoughtful on this track. I often write about space as I can’t think of a better word but the bass and drum play this spot on, rather than try to overwhelm the track. You is heavy on rhythm and timing, and there isn’t a note out of place here.

At first listen, I wondered why the band hadn’t made it a bit faster and harder. However I then realised that route would have been a trap. A harder You would have just sounded like countless other bands. As it is, I get a vibe for early Fleetwood Mac with that strong guitar lead and retro vocal sound, but it’s mixed up with a really fresh crisp sound too. This is a tune that has a choppy spiky beat that could also even take a rap verse or two. I’m kind of hearing the opportunity for a remix going on too.

The slightly restrained tempo and tone also draws out the lyrics and the thoughtful side to the band. You reinforces the power of relationships. Don’t start me off on that topic amidst this pandemic; missing people is killing me.

So You forms another chapter in the Simones story. It’s a very satisfying plot development.

Chris R

Photos taken from the bands social media and taken by the talent that is Louis Ashby.


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